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BEBRAS Computational Challenge

BEBRAS is an international student Computational Thinking Challenge and is run by CSIRO Education and Outreach through the Digital Careers program. Students compete against other children from North America, Europe and Asia. The goal is to promote computational thinking to students in a way that highlights student ability beyond Science or Maths skills.
This year a number of our Year 3 and Year 6 classes trialled this excellent program. Students had the opportunity to work independently or collaboratively with peers. Below is a list of students and their results.
The following teams achieved a credit:
·       Harrison C & Zander G (3S)
·       Siddhant N & Toshiki L (3V)
The following teams achieved a merit:
·       London P, Harry C & Leo C (3S)
·       Hana S & Lennox L (3V)
·       Fariba A & Nina S (6K)
·       Ava Lawson, Tia B, Bridget F (6J)
·       Angus Richards, Jericho Jackson & Sukhchai S (6K)
·       Byron S & Joshua W (6K)
The following teams achieved a distinction:
·       Tahlia H, Paisle H & Sachi L (6K)
·       Ava J, Salinee K, Julia K (6K)
·       Niharik M, Alina B & Mauli J (6J)
The following teams achieved a high distinction:
·       Kiran B, Aaron I & Jonathan S (6K)
·       Joshua, McC & Mali A (6J)
·       Billy M, Ronan F & Charlie G (6J)
·       Jacob R & Will Shackel (6J)
·       Riley Sonter & Alexia O (6J)
·       Sharleen S, Amba P & Emma S (6K)
·       Shesuthan T, Tamati H & Felix P (6K)
·       Lindsay V & & Josie L (6J)
BEBRAS 365 ( is a free resource, available throughout the year and does not require students to login. Students receive immediate feedback, the problems become increasingly difficult and students can decide the problems they wish to solve.