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Eco Warriors: Nude Food Information

School Policy
  • Our Eco Warriors are focused on education and encouragement. We do not have any school policies about having Nude Food - i.e. food with no packaging - at our school, and we do not enforce it or punish / embarrass people who bring packaged foods to school.
  • We would like to ENCOURAGE students and staff to reduce packaging at school EVERY DAY, primarily, to keep our school environment clean and green, by reducing litter around the grounds. However, we are aware that sometimes packaging is unavoidable. 
  • We are also encouraging students who have packaged foods to leave the packets at home and recycle their waste at their own house, rather than bring it to school. This may seem weird, but our main aim is to reduce litter. 
Support form P&C / Tuck Shop
  • The P and C have also purchased some bins for soft plastics where packaging is unavoidable, and some of the teachers are collecting this waste and taking it to a supermarket collection point.
  • We have also been working with the Tuck Shop Convenors to reduce packaging. The paper bags are recyclable and could be taken back to class to recycle in paper waste.
Collection of Data
  • To encourage students, the Eco Warriors and some teachers have been doing a "spot check" of their classrooms to encourage and promote nude food. 
  • Mainly this has been on Wednesdays, but this is negotiable within the classroom. 
  • The aim of the spot check is to collect and collate data to see if waste is reduced.
  • A tally is made of how many students have brought in Nude Food, but individuals are not identified. 
  • The class with the most nude food will get a trophy. We cannot check lunch boxes every day as this is impracticable and very time consuming for our student leaders.
Eco Warriors Role
  • We have since spoken to members of the team and we have explained that their role is to support and encourage fellow student to have nude food - in a positive way
Staff's Role
  • The Eco Warrior Teachers intend to speak to all staff on Wednesday at the staff meeting, so that the message is clear as we understand some of the younger children do get mixed messages at times. 
  • Teaching staff are in no way responsible for the monitoring of Nude Food, unless they wish to support and encourage their classroom Eco Warrior or the concept of Nude Food. 
Parent's Role
  • We appreciate the support and endeavours of parents who are making efforts to keep lunches litter free.