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Senior Athletics Carnival


​Senior Athletics Carnival is NEXT Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 June. Wear your house colours and sensible shoes. Don’t forget your hat. Program is as follows or you can download the Program HERE:

MONDAY 18 June

8.45am: Meet in Hall at 8.45am bell for roll marking. Bags will be left in the Hall for the day. Students to bring hat and water bottle and make way to oval for 9.00am start.

Novelty High Jump
Long Jump
Shot Put
8 Years &12 Years
9 Years
10 Years
11 Years
11 Years
8 Years &12 Years
9 Years
10 Years
1st Break
10 Years
11 Years
8 Years &12 Years
9 Years
9 Years
10 Years
11 Years
8 Years &12 Years
2nd Break

*Please remember students compete in Year of Birth groups e.g. 8 Years=born 2010, 9 Years=born 2009, 10 Years=born 2008, 11 Years =born in 2007, 12 Years=born in 2006.


Please make way to the oval with your class for an 8.55am start.

Time Event
8.55am  War cries 
9.05-9.40 am 200m Finals
9.40-10.20am 1st rotation
  8 & 12: Ball Games
9: Dodge Ball
10: Sprint Heats
11: Tug of War/Novelty Relays
10.20am-11am 2nd rotation
  8 & 12: Dodge Ball
9: Sprint Heats
10: Tug of War/Novelty Relays
11: Ball Games
11.00 am – 11:45am : 1st break
11:50 am-12:35pm 3rd rotation
  8 & 12: Sprint Heats
9: Tug of War/Novelty Relays
10: Ball Games
11: Dodge Ball
12:35pm-1.15pm 4 th  rotation
  8 & 12: Tug of War/Novelty Relays
9:Ball Games
10: Dodge Ball
11: Sprint Heats
1.15 pm-1:45pm : 2nd break
1:45-2:30pm Sprint finals (100m) 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 (Girls followed by Boys)
2:30pm Carnival Wrap-Up



We are currently having trials for Championship Long Jump, Shot Put and the 200m during PE lessons. Please advise both Megan and Kim via email ( if your child is unable to compete due to absence/injury/illness and wishes to be considered in these events. Competitor lists will be up by Thursday afternoon on the noticeboard near 6J for students to double check their events for Monday. Please see Mrs Lopez (Megan) or email by Friday afternoon if there are any issues.

Please remember if you are not in a Championship event, you will still do the Athletics events except your throws, jogs or run will not be timed or measured.

Discus and High Jump trials will take place in early Term 3. These will be trials for students aged 10, 11 and 12 to see if they meet qualifying height/distance to attend Lytton District Athletics Carnival. Age Champion points will NOT be awarded for either of these events.


We will be requesting parent assistance for the Athletics carnival. Please stay tuned for an email sent via the parent reps.



Track and Field - incorporates the long jump, shot put, 100, 200 and 800m events.

Team Events - incorporates Tug-of-War, Dodge Ball, Ball Games and Novelty Relays.

Individual Awards:

Coorparoo State School Place ribbons - awarded to any child who gets a place in a Championship event of a track and field event (no ribbons for heats or participation events).

Age Champion Medallions- awarded to the athletes from each age group (8-12, boys and girls) who accrue the highest number of points from the Championship track and field events (this will be presented on next available Parade).