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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Students live in a technological world where information and communication technologies (ICTs) are integral to everyday situations. ICTs include the hardware, software, peripheral devices and digital systems that enable data and information to be managed, stored, processed and communicated.
Students independently and collaboratively work in online and stand-alone environments across a range of learning contexts.
Students make use of the potential of a range of ICT functions and applications. They develop the knowledge, skills and capacity to select and use ICTs to inquire, develop new understandings, transform information and construct new knowledge for a specific purpose or context. They communicate with others in an ethical, safe and responsible manner. They develop understandings of the impact of ICTs on society. Applying ICTs as a tool for learning assists students to become competent, discriminating, creative and productive users of ICTs. ICTs can be integrated in a variety of ways within and across all key learning areas to support thinking, learning, collaboration and communication.
Coorparoo State School is committed to facilitating the development of accomplished, autonomous learners who purposefully engage in the creative use of ICT to: Communicate effectively, Work cooperatively, Critically appraise, manage and use information and Develop higher order thinking skills Teachers facilitate such engagement by providing students with explicit instruction on how to read and learn from digital text, incorporating an understanding of digital grammar and the development of a shared metalanguage through which teachers and students can communicate and collaborate. We achieve this by ensuring teachers’ interpretation of curriculum is viewed with respect to the digital age within which we operate. Curriculum units are designed to make ICT an integral component of the teaching and learning process.
Coorparoo State School is responding to the safe, ethical and legal use of ICTs the development of a SOAR based ICT use program has been a feature. Students learn to communicate using a range of digital software and contexts.
2018 has seen the further development of our laptop program. We now have 190 laptops in class trollies across the school being used five days a week on roster. Teachers and students now regularly use laptops integrated in their work and supported by the development of a technology scope and sequence for digital pedagogies.
Robotics and the introduction of Coding for students from year 2.
The development of our new STEAM centre through community support has now opened the curriculum to Green Screen, movie making and expanded our use of robotics.
Our hardware platform has been expanded to now include iPads in the early years, iPads for robotics, science, and film making. The appointment of a HOC STEM and a Digital Pedagogy Teacher has further developed this area.
In 2019 the development of additional creation spaces will further expand this program.