Message from Principal

Welcome to Coorparoo State School for 2021. It is so wonderful to have the happy smiling faces back at school and to welcome so many new families to Coorparoo State School. Thank you for your efforts to get your children ready for school and working with us at the start of the year as we transition to new classes.

Our 2021 COVID plan remains very similar to the end of 2020. Parents and carers are welcome into the school, but strict social distancing is required and we ask if unwell to please stay home and get tested. Our school records will be used if necessary for contact tracing.

Classrooms continue to have strict number limits to comply with the guidelines. For this reason, we ask that parents and carers make appointments to meet with teachers and to ensure that we can social distance in stairwells and to access classes with shared hallways.

Our teachers at present are meeting their students at their line up areas, so this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to your child’s teacher.

Parent Teacher Meetings
We will be holding our parent & teacher evenings in Week three and four. To ensure our COVID safe plan room compliance, we will be holding these meetings in our hall. Only one parent from each family can attend. The Teachers from the year level will present together the expectations for the year ahead and sharing what the children will be learning this year. More details will follow soon.

Road Safety & Traffic
Keeping our children safe is very important to us. Being a busy inner city school, we experience significant traffic daily around our school. We need every parent following road and parking rules to ensure children are safe. Police and Council officers will be patrolling the area and those not following rules can expect to be fined. I ask parents to remind their children how to cross the road safely at the appropriate crossings. I have already had reports of parents crossing Cavendish Road through traffic.

Kijini Under Croft Upgrade
I am so pleased to announce that work has been completed to upgrade the Kijini Under Croft space for our infant students. The new acoustic ceiling and artificial turf floor has made this space much quieter for our students and created a lovely play space. The addition of the games makes it very exciting! Work continues on the elevator, which is due to be completed in May. I thank you for your patience during works.

Thank you to parents & carers for your efforts to ensure your children are in their school uniforms to start the year. This is something we expect under our school policy. I am noticing however, some children have returned with coloured shoes and non-school hats. I remind you of our uniform policy which you can view by clicking on the link
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Last reviewed 28 January 2021
Last updated 28 January 2021