Principal Letter - 29 July 2022

​100 Days Prep

Congratulations to our Prep students who have reached the milestone today of 100 days of Prep! They have come so far so quickly and are learning and working well in the world of primary education. We are very proud of our Prep teachers and all they achieve. I know as a parent we are always in awe of these clever teachers and aides who work with our littlest students. Our Prep children are always a pleasure to see each day! Their smiling faces, willingness to engage, learn and play makes every day at school a pleasure. Thank you as parents for what you do to support your children, together we educate our future.

Before School drop off

Our official start time for school drop off is 8:30am. No supervision for children is provided before this time. Parents can access Helping Hands as our OSHC provider if you need to drop children off early.

From 8:30am we have non-teaching staff allocated in our three areas to provide supervision and care for children. At this time teachers are in classes doing their preparation for the day ahead.

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult for parents trying to get to work before 8:30am. For this reason, the leadership team provide some additional supervision in the senior covered area from 8:15am. Any student on the school grounds without a parent supervising them is to come to this area near the tuckshop and sit until the 8:30am bell when they can move and play in their supervised areas.

All Prep students must be supervised by their parent if at school before 8:30am, and must be dropped off and picked up from their allocated seating area.

Before the 8:30am play bell no students are to be playing or running around on Kijini Oval or Wolff Park, even if parents are supervising. This is very difficult for students waiting the in the main covered area as per our expectations.

Helping Hands may be in the grounds supervising activities as part of OSHC including playing on ovals. It is important that students not in their care, are not on ovals or play grounds.

Congratulations Metropolitan East Athletics

We are so proud of our students who represented Lytton District Athletics at QLD University for the Metropolitan East Athletics Championship this week. What an achievement to compete at this level! There were many personal bests on the day.

Congratulations on your achievements that we will recognise on our celebration parade later in the term.

Thank you to our STEM Leaders

STEM Leaders organised Magnificent Magnification and Minecraft.

Last month, our wonderful Year 6 STEM leaders, Miss Holyoak and Mr Warren organised a lunchtime Science event for the Preps, Year One and Year Two students.

The event called “Magnificent Magnification” was incredibly popular and gave students an opportunity to investigate materials and objects under a magnifying glass or microscope.

This event certainly inspired the curious scientist in our younger students.

For July, the STEM Leaders have organised a Minecraft Build Challenge for our Year 6 students. This game-based learning event is a unique opportunity for students to bring their creative ideas to life and to build their wonderful and imaginative worlds.

So much is happening and coming up soon! Check our School Website or Q-Schools App for updates and notifications!

• Schools Tree Day - Today there was lots of green to be seen at Coorparoo – thank you to those who participated in wearing an item of green!

• Cyber Safety Workshops for Years 4 - 6 - Tuesday 2 August

• Fire Department Visit for Year 1 – Tuesday 2 August

• Junior Sports Day - 12 August

• Senior Gala Sports Day for Years 5 & 6 - 9 September

• Street Science - 17 August

• Wolff Park Soccer Tournament - For Term 3, two teams respectively from our Melba, Turner and Wentworth houses have progressed to the Wolff Park Football Tournament final’s series. Six teams will play each other once with the top 4 teams progressing to the knock-out semi-final matches.

• Book Week – Week 7, Term 3

• Singin’ in the Rain School Musical – 12 to 14 August

• ICAS – Commences Week 5, Term 3

Please stay healthy and make sure if you are sick stay home and get tested! ​

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Last reviewed 29 July 2022
Last updated 29 July 2022