Principal Update - Fri 4 Feb 2022


​We are excited to start school on Monday 7 February! Our staff have been working to make school ready to welcome our new 130 Prep students and those returning to our school in 2022. 

I appreciate that things will be a little different with the current restrictions and procedures, but it is all going to be good as we continue to work together to make it a success. 

I really want to thank the community for the amazing support, understanding and care you have shown in the lead up to school starting. We know that many of you have dealt directly with sick family and the challenges or the extended school holidays. 

I want parents and children to be clear we are all set to start work Monday! Our teachers have modified their planning to ensure that the shortened school term will be smooth and that our children will be on track on their learning. 

Parent teacher interviews for this term will be held at the commencement of Term 2. This will allow our teachers to use the whole of term one for teaching to ensure all curriculum is covered. 

First Day!

Monday, we welcome our new Preps to the first day of their school life at Coorparoo State School. As a parent I understand how exciting a day this is for parents and children. I understand parents and children can be anxious. Remember when we talked last year at our Prep meetings about this day? We know that if you are positive and relaxed that your children will quickly transition and settle. This is my 34th group of first day children! I know they will settle and enjoy being in a big school. As parents, say goodbye, and then move off letting your child know you will be back at midday to pick them up in the same place. Routines will be established quickly! 

Lots of staff will be around to assist wearing our Hi Vis! Remember masks must be worn if you cannot social distance. 

Remember to take your first day photos at home or outside the gate. Then when you come in to the class line-up to meet your teacher, we can minimise group sizes and quickly transition. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

While some things are slightly different this year, our extra-curricular activities are moving ahead as normal. Make sure you check our website for detail of all the activities that start soon! There is so many fun things for children to do before and after school. 

School sports are also still currently operating as normal. A number of sports have Lytton District trials nominations soon! Please make sure you are checking our news feed on the website or Q-Schools. Remember you can save any calendar items as reminders on your device and make sure you don't miss anything!

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Last reviewed 04 February 2022
Last updated 04 February 2022