Principal Update - 20 July 2022


​Term three is now well under way and our students are back into the swing of focussing on their work this term. It is no great surprise that the winter health issues with flu and other viruses together with COVID are now impacting upon all of us.

We are seeing an increase of students and staff absent with illness. This week our school has faced serious shortages in teachers and today we were unable to replace six classroom teachers from the relief pool. We also have a significant number of teachers' aides absent.

I am so grateful for our wonderful staff who have been able to be re-directed from our specialist programs to cover classes today. Our admin team are also covering supervisions and playgrounds to ensure a smooth operation for our children.

The Premier has encouraged us all to wear masks when we cannot social distance. This is currently a personal choice and one we support for staff and students. Masks are available for your child if you choose. Many staff and students have been wearing masks all year. If your child is sick, we will send them home and can provide a RAT for you. Most days we are seeing a lot of sick children through the office, they may have the flu or some other winter viruses, but the reminder is that if sick please stay home.

Grandparents' Day

I discussed our planned Grandparents' Day at P&C last night and I have made the decision to delay this wonderful day until later in the year. Normally this event attracts over 500 Grandparents to the school during the Ekka Week. With the current 3rd wave of Omicron and the potential vulnerability of many of our Grandparents we believe this is a prudent decision to move the date away from this wave and the winter season. This will be rescheduled to term four and communicated via Qschools.

Safely travelling to school

All types of travel have inherent risks. Regardless of how any of us travel, it's important we are mindful of the potential risks and manage them to avoid incidents and injuries.

With the increasing use of rideables such as electric scooters, skateboards and bikes, ensuring the safety of your staff, students and pedestrians is essential.

Please note that Queensland Road Rules apply to e-scooters and e-bikes.

Anyone who scoots, rides or skates to and from school should:

• Wear protective gear and a helmet, which is mandatory if riding an electric scooter or skateboard

• Give way by ringing your bell when approaching pedestrians and overtaking on the right

• Travel at the appropriate and safe speed for the environment in which you are travelling

• Be respectful to pedestrians and other path users and keep out of their way

• Adhere to road rules when riding an e-scooter

• Park responsibly to avoid becoming an obstacle or risk for others.

Recently there have been some significant accidents and it is timely to remind our children to be safe.

Principal, Dean Murphy​​

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Last reviewed 20 July 2022
Last updated 20 July 2022