RESULTS of Coorparoo Mathematics and Enrichment Extension Program (CMEE)

​​​Over the spring break the APSMO Organising Committee ratified our results for the 2021 Australasian Maths Olympiad. Every year, this internationally recognised competition attracts schools from all over Australia, New Zealand and other neighbouring countries. Over 60 000 high achieving students from across 1700 schools participate in this monthly mathematical problem solving competition.
We are happy to communicate and share with you that our Coorparoo Mathematics and Enrichment and Extension (CMEE) team had its most successful year finishing in 11th position overall.
Fred B, Siddhant N and Nicola T were our top performing students, finishing in the top 2% of all students. Most pleasing was the fact that 18 students (50% of the CMEE group) achieved in the top 10% of students overall. We will acknowledge all CMEE students next week.
Within the group are many fantastic stories of success and growth. For example, Nicola T improvement was outstanding. Her CMEE narrative which began in 2020 would be the embodiment of resilience. Nicola initially struggled with the concepts and ideas covered in our classes but with the support of the CMEE team she improved exponentially – working collaboratively is a cornerstone of the CMEE program. As her understanding and repertoire of skills improved she acknowledged that:
• She could learn maths to the highest levels;
• Her mistakes were valuable and it’s good to struggle (there were many tears dropped);
• Question are really important especially asking herself to explain why her solutions made sense;
• Maths is about creativity and making sense of ideas by seeing and visualising concepts (e.g. diagrams, tables, lists etc.);
• Maths is a connected subject and a system of ideas that can’t be memorised in isolation – solutions are a combination of simple ideas used together to solve complex problems; and
• Learning takes time and is all about consistent effort and resilience.
Another CMEE female student flourished in the program - her parents were unaware of her capacity for high level mathematical thinking. This students organisation and capacity to formulate and communicate a mathematical argument was exceptional – clear, concise and analytical. With her teacher’s encouragement we suggested and advocated that she enrol in Cav Road’s Maths Extension program. For this student, her academic trajectory is somewhat different to the one her parent’s envisaged at the start of the year. A critical outcome of the CMEE program is to provide opportunities for our female students to pursue high level mathematics.
We are so very proud of those who participated! Well done!​​

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Last reviewed 06 October 2021
Last updated 06 October 2021