Toohey Forest (Year 1)


Year One students will be participating in an excursion to Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre as part of our Science curriculum program. 

The dates for the excursion are as follows:

Wednesday, 25 May – 1/2J and 1M

Thursday, 26 May – 1A and 1T

Friday, 27 May – 1H and 1P 

The aim of the excursion is to increase students' knowledge and understanding of the needs and features of living things as well as various habitats. Students will observe and participate in the program “A Living Place". This program assists students to develop an appreciation of the importance of living and non-living things in a forest environment. 

Activity details: 

  • Time: Students meet at their classroom at 8:30am. Bus departs at 8:45am, return to CSS at approx. 2:45pm.
  • Transport: Bus to and from.
  • Where: Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre at Griffith University's Nathan Campus.
  • What to wear: Students are required to wear their formal school uniform, enclosed shoes or joggers and their school hat.
  • What to bring: Drink bottles with water, morning tea and lunch. Food needs to be sealed in a lunchbox or lunch bag. The EcoCentre requests that the foods be Litter Free with no throw-away packaging. Please send your child's food in re-usable containers rather than disposable plastic wrap.
  • Note: Sunscreen and insect repellent needs to be applied before school.

The cost is $37.00 per student. Due date: Wednesday 11 May 2022.

The cost covers the entry fee to the EcoCentre and the transportation in a seat-belted bus. 

An invoice will be emailed home and available in QParents. LATE PAYMENTS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED. REMEMBER: Permission and payment are both required before the due date in order for your child to attend. 

If you wish for your child to participate in the activity, please complete and return page 2, Activity Consent Form, to your class teacher by 11 May 2022. 

Toohey Forest - Activity Consent Form.pdf

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers for this excursion are essential. All volunteers will need to be fully vaccinated and show this status when signing in at CSS on the day of the excursion. Volunteers will be required to check in at the centre using the QR code. 1A, 1H, 1M, 1P and 1T, will require 4 parents and 1/2J will require 2 parents to join the teachers and students. Whilst at Toohey Forest, volunteers will be assisting the students to ensure student aims are achieved and that the students are embracing the activities as required. Volunteers will need to ensure they have comfortable closed-in footwear suitable for walking, a hat, water bottle, morning tea and lunch. 

If you are able to attend this excursion please email your child's class teacher. For further information about the activity, please contact your child's class teacher.​

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Last reviewed 30 March 2022
Last updated 30 March 2022