Welcome to Coorparoo State School 2023


​Welcome to our Coorparoo State School family for 2023. It is always an exciting and nervous time for our children as we start a new school year. New relationships, new possibilities, unknown opportunities, unknown friends and ways of working and learning. It is very normal, and an important life skill for our children to experience change and build resilience.

For new parents, this may be your first child starting school. This school world seems so big and foreign. Be assured we are walking by your side and will be with you on this journey for your child.

Remember your children look to you to know things are ok. You give them confidence and reassurance to grow and learn. On the first day, we know that if you are positive and reassure your chid that you will pick them up after school, and you say goodbye and leave quickly, your child will settle quickly. If you are anxious and nervous, your child will react in the same way.

Make school a routine as we should do for bedtime? Your child needs to understand their job is to get ready for school each morning. For some children a list can be a great help. The sooner you establish your procedure for going the school the easier it will be.

For Prep students your teacher will be waiting under the Kijini Building at 8:30am with a sign. Parents and Carers are asked to bring your child to the teacher and sit them on the bench. Kiss them goodbye, and let them know you will be back at lunch time to pick them up. Leave! This is harder for you! But it will establish the school routine quickly and children will also settle very quickly.

Your child’s class allocation has been made with a team of teachers working to make the best decision for your child.

Classes are formed to provide balance and students are grouped or separated to enable them to be successful. Previous years, teachers and support staff have worked to try and find the best allocation for your child. In Prep, where possible, we group Kindy’s together, so they know someone on the first day. Class time is for learning. Your best friend may not be the best person to have in the same class. Your best friend will be with you for lunch breaks and play time.

Our children are precious to us. We are very excited to be welcoming them to our school this year. I know they are going to learn so much and grow throughout the year. Partner with us and share in this journey. We know that when parents/carers and schools work together, children benefit.

Keep up to date with school information and upcoming events this term via the QSchools App and/or the School Website direct:

Principal, Dean Murphy

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Last reviewed 24 January 2023
Last updated 24 January 2023