Year 5 Camp Reminders


📣 A few reminders for the Year 5 Camp:
1. Our first catered meal is lunch so please ensure you have a hearty breakfast before leaving home. Bring a small snack and a full water bottle for the trip to the Sunshine Coast. No other food/snacks/lollies are permitted unless prior approval from the school has been given.
2. We all meet in McCahon Hall from 8am on Monday 15 November, students will sit with their luggage in class lines. After class rolls are taken and any last-minute announcements made we will depart by 8:30am.
3. Any medications not already handed to class teachers, must be presented on Monday.
4. If you are carrying your own medication (e.g. Ventolin) you must also inform your class teacher on Monday that you do have this medication on you.
5. Wet weather and swimming gear is vital, as are plastic bags to store wet and dirty clothes.
6. You MUST bring and apply sunscreen daily.
7. You are expected to wear sun safe clothing each day including a hat and sunshirt for water-based activities. Students who do not have these will be prevented from participating in the activities scheduled.
8. Evening activities are part of the camp experience and are not optional. Lights out times are not optional.
9. We expect to back at school on Wednesday afternoon before the end of day bell. Any delays will be communicated via the Q-parents app.
10. Non-attending students will be reallocated to year 6 classes. Student absences must be reported to the school in the usual way.
11. If your family needs to contact a member of staff while on camp, they can call the school during office hours and their message will be forwarded. If after hours they can call the camp directly on (07) 5459 5600. Note that staff will not be expected to return calls unless in the case of an emergency situation.
12. No mobile phones or electronic devices. No food/snacks/lollies etc unless prior approval from the school has been given.
13. Information regarding camp remains available on the school website
With a little over a week before we head off for camp, can you please ensure that you have all of the requirements for camp, that they are all clearly labelled and that you can pack, unpack and repack this by themselves.
Having recently returned from the year 6 camp I was very surprised to learn that many of the students had not packed themselves and therefore did know what items they had actually brought.
Please remember that no lollies, snack foods, gum etc is brought on camp. Similarly, mobile phones, electronic devices and valuable items are not permitted.
Finally, and I write this so as to remain transparent in my expectations, if you exhibit unsafe, aggressive, or physical behaviours or use unacceptable language, your continued participation in the activity will end and you may be asked to be collected from camp.​

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Last reviewed 04 November 2021
Last updated 04 November 2021