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The QSchools app is a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from and about your child's school. The app is designed to integrate with school websites, and allows users to see when news, events and newsletters are posted to their selected school website.

The school community can also receive push notifications and emergency announcements such as natural disasters and school closures through the app.

The QSchools app will be particularly useful to parents who have students in different schools, as the app manages updates from multiple schools in a single view.

The QSchools app is a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from Queensland state schools.

How do I download the QSchools app?

To download the app visit the application store for your device:


The app integrates with the department's preferred school website platform, allowing users to:

  • find and favourite your school by searching for the school by name, searching a map or by searching for schools near your current location

  • receive real-time notifications about statewide emergency alerts as well as school push notifications and important updates through the app

  • access the latest news, events and newsletters from your school

  • easily access your schools tuckshop and uniform shop information

  • view information about your school including class times and contact details

  • view social media feeds.

The app can manage updates from multiple schools which is useful for parents who have students in different schools.

Push notifications

Push notifications will allow your favourite Queensland schools to push essential information directly to your device, including notifications of upcoming events and emergency alerts and important updates.

To receive push notifications, download the QSchools mobile app or ensure the app is up to date if you already have it.

Privacy policy

In regards to data collection, the QSchools mobile application collects:

  • precise location and coarse location are collected and used for app functionality in the map to locate the schools around the users location

  • other user content is collected and used for app functionality and refers to any user input typed into the feedback form and submitted voluntarily

  • device ID and device token are collected and used for app functionality to enable push notifications to be sent to the user’s mobile device

  • no data is collected or used for tracking purposes

  • no advertising is displayed in this application.​

​​Further Information​


Coorparoo State School provide parents with access to a convenient, online parent portal called QParents.

The QParents web and mobile application provides an easier way for you to interact with our school. Parents will have secure, online access to their child's student information, anytime, anywhere, through a smartphone, tablet or computer.

​QParents provides secure, online access to student information such as:

  • attendance details

  • behaviour

  • report cards and assessment dates

  • upcoming events

  • timetables

  • invoices

  • payment history

  • student photo.

  • Consent Management (New Feature)​

A new addition to QParents is the introduction of Consent Management. This new feature will allow you to provide consent for: 

  • Student Resource Scheme (SRS) and Participation Agreement

  • Online Services consent

  • State School Media consent

  • Excursion consent

The benefits of QParents

Convenience and time savings for parents

  • Parents can view or update their child's details without having to pay invoices and report absences without having to call the school or come into the office.
  • Secure 24/7 online access.
  • Available anytime, anywhere — access QParents on your smart phone, tablet or computer on a web browser or using the app (iPhone or Android). 

Greater transparency of information

  • Improves accountability between parents and schools by providing parents with timely access to their child's information online.
  • Allows parents to engage more deeply in their child's schooling.

Improved administration efficiencies for schools

  • Allows schools to streamline their administrative processes and cut down on printing.

What do you need to do to get started?

The office will be send out emails inviting parents or guardians to become a QParents Account Owner (QPAO) for their student at the beginning of their enrolment at the school. QPAOs will be able to register for QParents to access and manage the student's information online, view the student's information and submit requests to update some of the student's details.

QPAOs will also be able to invite other people (such as another family member), to view the student's information. Once invited, these people can register for QParents as “delegated viewers". A delegated viewer can see the student's details, but cannot make updates.

When you receive your invitation email, simply follow the instructions to register your QParents account. The process should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Initial registration and addition of students to your account must be done on a desktop or laptop computer. Once registered, you will then be able to access QParents using your mobile device (via web browser or by downloading the iPhone or Android App).

Invitations sent by email will only ever come from You will not be invited to register from any other email address or organisation.

If you do no not want to register you can just ignore the invitation and your child's student information will not be available to anyone through QParents.

Identity Verification

To obtain full access to student information, as part of their QParents registration users must complete an identity verification process. QParents offers two options for identity verification – online and offline.

For fully online verification (the fastest option), you will need to verify 100 points of the following identity documents online:

Australian Passport50 ptsAustralian Marriage Certificate40 pts
Australian Driver Licence50 ptsAustralian Citizenship Certificate40 pts
Australian Birth Certificate50 ptsChange of Name Certificate40 pts
Medicare Card20 ptsAustralian Visa (foreign passports)20 pts

If you cannot verify 100 points of the above ID documents online, you may still register for QParents, but you will need to attend the school to verify documentation in person after you have registered online.

Full instructions on how to verify your documents and what you may need to bring to the school will be provided as part of the invitation and registration process.

If you don't have sufficient documents, or are unsure, you may still be able to r​egister. For more information on the online identity verification process, see .

Please note that QParents does not maintain copies or records of any identity documents used for account verification, either online or offline. 


You will also need to have your child's EQ ID (their Education Queensland identification number) in order to complete your QParents registration. You can access this via the school office.

Safe and secure

QParents is a secure portal that meets strict industry standards. The Department of Education and Training considers student information to be confidential (it is classified as PROTECTED by the Department). Only people with the right to access information about their child will be given an account. Additionally, as part of the registration process, 100 points of identity or equivalent will need to be presented to prove that the person who is registering is the person the school invited.

Further information

Last reviewed 10 February 2023
Last updated 10 February 2023