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All students who reside within the local catchment area and are eligible for enrolment in the educational program offered by the school have a right to enrol at the school. The Principal will hold places for students who relocate to within the catchment boundary throughout the school year.

Enrolment of students from outside the local catchment area will be managed to ensure that the total current and forecast enrolments do not exceed the school’s current built capacity and where applicable will ensure there is an even spread of students across year levels or class groupings.

The school's Enrolment Management Plan (EMP) does not replace other departmental policy; for example Safe, Supportive and Disciplined School Environment, nor does it override subsequent determinations regarding built school capacity. 

2024 Enrolments​

Coorparoo State School is governed by an Enrolment M​​anagement Plan (EMP)​. All students who reside within the local catchment area (must provide the required proof of residency documents as per our Enrolment Policy) or currently have a sibling at school; and are eligible for enrolment in the educational program offered by the school are automatically entitled to an enrolment in Prep and other Year levels.

To determine when your child can commence their preparatory year, use the Prep Ready Reck​oner calculator.

To determine if you reside within the catchment please check the Education Queensland School Catchment Map CSS Ca​tchment ​​Map

Once you have determined your residency status please read the relevant heading and follow the steps listed below. ​​


Enrolment Status

Steps to follow:​


Eligible Enrolment: 
In School Catchment and/or Sibling​

Complete & Submit Enrolment Application Form – in person deliver to school office with listed supporting documentation. 


Eligible Enrolment:
In School Catchment and/or Sibling

Complete & Submit Enrolment Application Form – in person deliver to school office with listed supporting documentation.

2024 / 2025

Outside of School Catchment 

Complete Expression of Interest (EOI) below, Save PDF and Email. ​

Enrolment Criteria

  1. Students living in catchment will be enrolled upon receipt of required documentation and proof of residency in the catchment.
  2. Children and young people who are subject to child protection orders that grant guardianship or custody to the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Child Safety Services)
  3. Siblings of current students at the school (excluding siblings of Program of Excellence students). Where a school has both a primary and secondary campus, siblings are only eligible to enroll in the same campus as the currently enrolled student
  4. Students whose parent or legal guardian is employed by the school
  5. Students who live outside the catchment area and are verified with a disability can enroll in the school to attend the specialised disability program if it is the closest program to their home and meets their individualised needs
  6. Students who have been excluded from a school other than this school, dependent upon the conditions related to the exclusion, as determined by the Regional Director. ​​

Enrolment Application Process

​Obtain an Application for Student Enrolment Form, this can be download from the school website or collected from the School Office. Included with the CSS Enrolment Application Form are five (5) mandatory permission forms which must completed and signed upon application along with the documents listed below.

Submit the completed form in person to the School Office.  Checklist of required documents:

  • Application for Student Enrolment Form
  • One (1) primary source - a current lease agreement, or rates notice, or unconditional sale agreement  AND
  • One (1) secondary source - a utility bill (e.g. electricity, gas) showing this same address and parent's/legal guardian's name

If the Principal is not satisfied that the documentation provided by an applicant demonstrates adequately that the address stated is the student's principal place of residence, then the Principal may request further sources of proof of residence, such as an additional utility bill (e.g. water) showing the same address.

The Principal may also request a properly sworn Statutory Declaration from the enrolling parent or legal guardian attesting that the student's principal place of residence is the place nominated in the enrolment application.

Applicants should note that a false statement / assertion about the student's principal place of residence may amount to an offence and may be reported to police. The school Principal may repeal a decision to enrol a student in such circumstances.

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • School Reports (if applicable)
  • Visa documentation (if applicable)
  • Medical Reports etc. (if applicable)

Mandatory Permission Forms (included with the CSS Enrolment Application Form:

  • Enrolment Agreement
  • ICT Network Usage Agreement
  • Swimming Permission Form
Further consent required for the following once your child's enrolment status becomes active. 
  • Coorparoo State School Media Consent
  • Coorparoo State School Online Services Consent (which covers online access)
  • Coorparoo State School Student Resource Scheme​​

Out-of-Catchment Enrolment - ‘Expression of Interest’ ​

If you wish to be considered for an Enrolment in 2024, please submit your completed ‘Expression of Interest Form’ to

The office will send a confirmation email to confirm EOI has been received. Your EOI will remain current only for the school in which they are applying to enrol. Successful applicants will be contacted via telephone. Each EOI submission form will be reviewed based on the school EMP and school vacancies.

All enrolment applications will be considered on merit in accordance with the enrolment criteria.

Parents wishing to have an unsuccessful enrolment application reviewed may seek clarification from the Principal. Parents may provide a written submission seeking a review of an unsuccessful enrolment application. This submission should present evidence to substantiate a claim that the stated criteria have not been applied fairly and equitably.

If a submission is received, the Principal will consider the submission and make a final decision.   A final decision notice will be provided to the applicant as soon as is practicable.  There is no internal review of the Principal’s decision. 

Last reviewed 17 June 2024
Last updated 17 June 2024