Student services and support programs


If a parent feels that their child is in need of extra support, the parent should, in the first instance, communicate with their child’s teacher. A referral form is then completed by the teacher and/or the parent, which is presented to the weekly Student Support meeting. Decisions will then be made about the appropriate supports to be put into place, and parents will be advised accordingly.

Advisory visiting teachers (AVTS)

As a State School, we have access to all Education Queensland services. We therefore have access to a number of specialist advisory visiting teachers. These specialists are able to provide guidance and support for students, teachers and parents; and to provide assistance in meeting student needs in relation to hearing impairment, physical/medical impairment, visual impairment, behaviour management, English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) and communication.

The services of these specialist teachers are accessed through our Student Support Team.

Guidance services

The school Guidance Officer visits the school on a regular basis. The role of the Guidance Officer is to assist students who have learning, behavioural or emotional difficulties. This may involve consultation with class teachers, parents, learning support teachers and other relevant personnel. The Guidance Officer may work with students as individuals, in groups, in class or through consultation with teachers and parents. The Guidance Officer may offer services in the form of psychometric assessment, counselling, behaviour management, social skilling, parenting assistance, human relationship education and professional development for the school community, depending upon need. The Guidance Officer also may liaise with other professionals within Education Queensland or other agencies to support a child in the school.

Referrals to the Guidance Officer are made through the Student Support Team. The referral would involve the parents/caregivers and the teacher discussing the concern between themselves and considering a course of action. If this action does not lead to a satisfactory result, a referral can then be made to the Student Support Team. The Team can then request the Guidance Officer’s involvement.

Parents may contact the Guidance Officer directly. However, it is suggested that parents discuss the matter first with the class teacher or if necessary the Principal or Deputy Principal.

Support Teachers

Literacy and Numeracy (STLaN)

In some cases, students will be supported by our Support Teacher – Literacy and Numeracy, or by other specialist teachers. Parents/caregivers will be informed if the Student SupportTeam decides to formally assess their child’s level of need.

Special Education Program Teacher (SEP)

Students identified as having a disability are also provided additional in class support from the school’s SEP teacher.

Speech-language Pathologist

As part of the Investing for Success (IFS) school funding Coorparoo State School has employed a Speech-Language Pathologist, Karen Nicholls for 2 days per week to provide curriculum support through the Read it Again - Foundation Q programme for prep students. Read it Again - Foundation Q is an spoken language and emergent literacy programme designed to build skills in the areas of vocabulary, phonological awareness, narrative skills and print knowledge. It is based on the latest research in language and early literacy and was developed for Queensland students under an agreement between the Queensland Government and Professor Laura Justice from Ohio State University. Karen Nicholls (EQ Speech Pathologist) works with the teaching staff and students in the prep classrooms. If your child is receiving this classroom support your classroom teacher can discuss this with you. If you have any questions, please contact your classroom teacher.

Last reviewed 16 April 2020
Last updated 16 April 2020