Payments and Student Resource Scheme (SRS)


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The majority of excursions and in-school activities require consent from a parent or caregiver for a student to participate. Consent Forms are sent via QParents. The Consent Form outlines the details of the excursion/activity and any associated costs. There are times where there is no cost involved however consent is still required.

If the excursion/activity incurs a cost an Invoice will be generated. The Invoice will be emailed to the parent/caregiver who has been allocated the financial responsibility plus it will appear within QParents.

NB: Invoice and Consent Form are sent separately.

BPoint (does not incur any bank fees/charges) is the Education Department’s preferred form of payment. At the bottom of each invoice, a hyperlink is printed, which directs the payer to the BPoint payment page to enter the required information to complete the transaction.

Excursion/Activity/Performance incurring a cost the following 2 steps will ALWAYS occur:

Step 1: Online Consent Form

  • Consent request will appear within QParents – consent needs to be “GRANTED” OR “DENIED”

  • Consent Form will outline details of the Excursion/Activity/Performance and any associated costs including due dates;

  • Student cannot participate if consent is not provid​ed by parent/caregiver.

Step 2: Invoice (if payment required)

  • Invoice is generated by school office. Invoices are emailed and appear in QParents;

  • Invoices have a Due Date - NO LATE PAYMENTS are accepted 

NB: Invoice and Consent Form are sent separately



A convenient, online parent portal (not to be confused with QSchools) that allows parents to connect instantly with our school to access and manage their child’s student information. We strongly encourage all families to register and use QParents, benefits include:

  • Viewing unpaid invoice details, payment history, and making payments online;

  • Attendance and absence details, as well as the ability to notify the school of an absence;

  • Academic report cards;

  • Viewing and updating personal student details, including medical conditions and address;

  • Enrolment details – completion​ of the Consent Forms to finalise student enrolment:

    • Student Resource Scheme (SRS)

    • School Online Services Consent

    • State School Media Consent, plus

    • ANY Excursion Consents

Paying Invoices via BPoint

  • Visit BPoint​;

  • Every family has a unique CRN - Customer Reference Number;

  • Each Invoice is unique to an allocated excursion;

  • When paying for more than one child please use the CRN and Invoice number issued for each child.

Example - A guest speaker comes to school to talk to all students. The cost is $5.00 per student. If you have three children in your family then you will receive three separate invoices. You will have to refer to each individual invoice when making payment. Please follow these steps or your child could miss out on an activity you believe you have paid for.


At the end of each month Statements are generated and emailed to the parent/caregiver who holds the financial responsibility for the following reasons:

  • Money outstanding on your child’s account, and/or;

  • Credit on your child’s account

Credits are displayed as a negative amount on the statement (-$).

Please do not make a payment against a statement
showing a negative amount.

If you require more information, please phone the Office on 07 3421 0333.

Student Resource Scheme (SRS)

The objective of the scheme is to provide parents a convenient and cost-effective alternative to individual supply of resources for their students, e.g., PREP Classroom Resources, Senior/Junior Band Programs. Participation in the SRS is optional, and no obligation is placed on a parent to participate. Participation applies for the duration of a student’s enrolment at the school; however, parents can choose to opt out from the SRS in future years by completing a new form.

Parents not participating in the scheme must provide their student with all items that would otherwise be provided by school.

Student NEW to the school

All parents are requested to register for QParents and complete the SRS Form electronically. The SRS Form appears in QParents as one of the online consent forms for completion. If you wish to opt out of the SRS you will be required to provide the educational resources listed in the SRS for your child by the start of the school year. 

Student CONTINUING at the school

A parent’s participation or non-participation in the scheme will continue as per their previously completed SRS Form. A parent can opt in or out of the scheme in subsequent years via the QParents app.

Last reviewed 07 March 2024
Last updated 07 March 2024