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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Uniform Shop ​​​​

The Uniform Shop Convenor is at the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to manage the online orders. Uniform items are available Online ONLY. ​

Contact Leisa Whybird via Email: 

​​​​​How to Order: My Student Account (MSA)

Our Uniform Shop sells new and a small amount of second-hand uniforms.  Orders can be placed online using the online ordering system called My Student Account.

All uniform shop orders are delivered to the student's classroom.  Back to school uniform requirements are managed via an online appointment system.  Families book a time to collect their order and to check sizing.  During the school year exchanges are organised by making contact with the Uniform Shop team via email ( 

​​Winter Uniforms​

Available to Order via your 'My Student Account (MSA).

Please note that you will need to pre-order and pay for these, as the Uniform Shop does not carry stock of our winter uniforms. Students will require either the track top or the jacket. Families are asked to order one track top or jacket /student only to ensure we have enough stock. If you order more than one you will receive a refund back onto your MSA account. If additional track tops and jackets are available these will be added to My Student Account and families will be able to order in Term 2. 

2021 was the last year where we offered a limited supply of the Coorparoo State School track pants. CSS track pants are only left in some sizes and orders will be filled with the stock from last year and once sold no further will be available. Students are able to wear black tights/leggings or plain black track pants if needed and these can be sourced anywhere. 

We will receive these orders from our supplier orders will be delivered to your student's classroom to bring home. We also have a supply of second-hand winter uniforms available for $5.00 per item which will be available at the end of Term 1 and in Term 2. 

If you have any questions, please email Leisa via ( ​   ​

​Second Hand Uniforms​​

​I​​​f your child​ has outgrown their uniforms, please consider donating to the Uniform Shop, as we love to keep a good supply of second hand uniforms available. Donations can be delivered to the school administration office during school hours. 

School Uniform Policies

Coorparoo State School’s uniform policy is endorsed by the school’s P&C. It requires that all students wear approved school uniform every day. A note from a parent is required when a student is not in correct or complete school uniform explaining why, and when this will be rectified. Coorparoo State School remains committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all students each day. We will consider individual circumstances and work with families to find a suitable alternative uniform item for cultural or medical reasons. Requests should be directed to the school leadership team via the school office. Students attending school dressed with incomplete or incorrect uniforms may receive a notification letter to take home to be signed by a parent and returned to school.​

Uniform Policy

Which uniform to wear when?   

It is recommended that the formal uniform should be worn for:

  • All school days other than those timetabled for swimming or physical education lessons, or inter-school sports days
  • School photo days
  • Public appearances, including visits to the school by official visitors
  • School excursions, except when specifically advised otherwise by the teacher.

Children can safely and effectively participate in daily physical activities organised by classroom teachers wearing the formal uniform and footwear.

The sports uniform should be worn on days when physical education or swimming lessons are timetabled or inter-school sports days.

Uniform Supplies

Labelling – ALL ITEMS belonging to students, including lunchboxes, drink bottles, and every item of clothing, must be clearly labelled with the child's FULL NAME.

School Hat – The black, broad-brimmed school hat is to be worn at all times when students are out of doors, including:

  • travelling to and from school
  • at Parade
  • during morning tea and lunch breaks
  • when running messages
  • when away from school on excursions
  • during sport or physical education activities.

The school hat is an integral part of the school uniform.  Baseball caps or other hats without wide brims are unacceptable.  The 'NO HAT, NO PLAY' in the sun rule applies to all students.

Prep Uniform:

Gold and black sports shirt with Coorparoo crest

Black shorts/ Black Culottes

Grey socks with gold and black stripes/Plain Gold Socks

Black enclosed footwear (trainers or leather school shoes)

Formal Uniform for Years 1 to 6

Summer Uniform:

  • Grey shirt with gold and black stripes on pocket and sleeves
  • Black shorts
  • Dress made of grey Coorparoo check fabric OR
  • Over blouse made of grey Coorparoo check fabric, worn with black culottes or black shorts
  • Grey socks with gold and black stripes/ Plain gold socks
  • Black or white enclosed sports footwear with matching laces.  Minimal coloured trim is acceptable.

NOTE: Any items of clothing worn under the dress should be black, and should not protrude below the hem of the skirt.  However, black tights may be worn with the formal uniform.

Sports Uniform:  

  • Gold and black sports shirt with Coorparoo crest or Senior shirt (Year 6 only)
  • Black culottes or black shorts
  • Grey socks with gold and black stripes or plain white/ Plain gold socks or plain white socks
  • Black or white enclosed sports footwear with matching laces. Minimal coloured trim is acceptable.

Winter Uniform:

During colder weather, the above uniforms may be supplemented by the following:

  • Full length black track pants or Black tights
  • Grey track top with black trim
  • Optional black and gold Coorparoo State School jacket
  • Senior tour jacket (Year 6 only) 

Personal Presentation


  • Hair is worn up for safety and comfort.
  • Hair style should be neat and tidy and reflect positively on school image.
  • Hair accessories should be in school colours - (black, yellow and/or grey).
  • Hijab worn should align with school colours – (black, yellow and/or grey).


  • Face and nails should be clean and make up/polish free.


  • Plain studs and sleepers can be worn in ears only.
  • Necklaces that are of religious/ cultural significance are to be worn beneath school shirts.
  • Watches are allowed.​

Interested in helping out? 

Volunteers are always needed to help in the uniform shop.  

Please email Leisa: or feel welcome to pop in and help when works for you.    

Last reviewed 15 February 2023
Last updated 15 February 2023