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The Storm
By Eryka Martinsons 4R
In the distance I hear booming,
In the distance I see sparks of lightning,
I can feel strong whirling winds.
The water is swelling,
In the distance I hear thunder,
The lights are flashing,
I can tell a storm is coming.

By Elliot Briner 6W
Miserable and sorrowful, panicked and unnerved she walked into the repulsive school. Hibiscus timidly waIked past taunting voices and prankish faces, toward her first class. But with hair as dark as her past she was constantly reminded by her cruel peers of her parent's fateful death. If they hadn't gone on an exotic cruise, if she had been brave, to go with them, if there had not been an ice berg, then none of this would be happening. However, Hibiscus had been left with her grandma Julie.
Bursting through the vibrant colourful doors into the lively yet odd house, Hibiscus gladly met her Grandma's wide-open arms. She wiped away the forlorn salty liquid that lay on her face. After having the struggles of the day explained to her, Julie decided it was time to test her broad creativity skills. A lot of sequins, glitter, fabric and time later there was a dress fit for a popstar, which was ready to raise Hibiscus's confidence and her profile at school. It shone like dragon's scales and its colours were as crazy as the sweetest candy. Julie slipped it under Hibiscus's door while her Granddaughter shrieked at the sight of it. "Hibiscus please try it on and show me," Julie pleaded, ‘No No No No No!" she yelped. After much persuasion and promises it was decided, she would wear it the next day. Julie knew she had made the right dress for her loved one.
The next day Hibiscus walked cautiously but this time she wore a dress that glimmered like a thousand stars and flowed like the purest of water. Hibiscus did not think so, especially when a group of nefarious girls came along. Their pernicious words licked at her heart with hatred until they lashed out viciously, ripping at her mind and scraping at her dress, shedding her blood and tears.
From that point on Hibiscus was never the same. She thrived in the school life and she stood up for herself, because she knew she could not let people treat her like a boxing bag. But she still had one problem. Hibiscus had no friends.
Weeks after, Hibiscus was strolling down the corridor toward the cafeteria, but a hand suddenly reached for her shoulder gripping it tightly. Before an elated voice questioned "would you like to come sit with us?" Smiling and giggling, laughing and chatting they walked hand in hand toward the doors.
The Angels Eye 
By Hamish Rodgers 4M 
The wind blew in my face as I looked up at the giant temple. "Are you going to use your weird super powers or not?" said Sparkle. "Sparks, I only let you have that name if you would be quiet when I did my missions, I need your brains for technology, not your questions" I said.
"Ok, I am about to put you on pause, then I am going to get the Angels Eye" I said. I knew that this was my hardest mission ever, I was about to reclaim the Angels Eye, the biggest diamond on earth from the clutches of TAE aka the alliance of evil. 
I pulled out my grappling hook and zoomed up to the roof of the museum. Looking around, all I saw was roof tiles, dust and a dead pigeon or two. I took a moment of silence for the pigeons before I whispered into my headset "Sparks, take down the security cameras". 
The cool wind brushed in my face while I drilled a hole in the roof and jumped through, knowing all the guards had left. Running through the museum, left then right, through corridors of jars, scrolls and ancient vases I hear Sparks in my headset. " Ok Helix, the vault is right up ahead, go quietly and be careful of the laser beams evil TAE ruler Count Cooper has set up". 
I dodged as the laser beam shot past my ear and quickly scurried to the vault. "Sparks, I'm at the vault, do your thing" I said. I watched as the vault keypad turned green and swished open revealing the glowing Angels Eye. 
"Helix, grab the diamond and get out of here before the alarms go off, you have 60 seconds" Sparkle whispered. I grabbed the diamond and scooped it into my bag just in time to see, one of TAE's agents appear and throw a metal ninja star at me, my bag went flying but just before it hit the floor I scoop it up and throw the bag at the ninja's head knocking it out. 
"Oh look a book about Ancient drawings" I said, "it better be more interesting than a diamond bigger than my head" said Sparks. 
"I think you win that one Sparks", I say as I jump back through the hole as the alarms go off. 
Running through the maze of TAE agents while zapping them out of the way, I hope Sparks can hear me whisper "I need the getaway vehicle NOW". Yes Helix, it is arriving in 25sec I hear through my headset. Running forward towards the never ending sea of TAE agents, I see the spaceship arrive - first class thanks Sparks.
I smile as I jump into the spaceships cockpit - this will go back to its rightful owner...
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